"When I think of Rachel the first few words that come to mind is how she is incredibly gifted at understanding the people she is surrounded by on such a deep and intimate level.  Rachel is a beautiful soul and has helped me to grow tremendously with her advice and knowledge. She is intuitive and a wonderful listener.  These attributes make her a perfect fit as a life coach and I am beyond grateful to have her in my life as I continue to grow and develop."



"Rachael is a talented, inspirational, and effective life coach! She is a very good listener and helped me to prioritize what areas in my life I wanted to improve.   Change can be difficult, especially at my age, but Rachael helped me set realistic and accomplishable goals without having guilt get in the way.  Each week we would discuss my progress, and this accountability helped me to stay on track.  Her genuine enthusiasm for even the smallest progress or achievement helped make the challenge of improving a fun process.


Thanks to Rachael’s inspiration, encouragement, and gentle accountability reminders I  have made several positive changes in my life: I am more mindful of how I eat, I have developed a healthy exercise routine, I started a gratitude journal that I have meaning to start for several years, I started going to bed earlier (more sleep can do wonders!), I have an improved meditation practice, and she taught me how to clearly visualize and dream for a better future.  Thank-you Rachael!"                                                               



Rachael is such an incredible person. I’m so glad she came into my life. She’s given me advice and guidance to help me slow down and find peace and contentment. She has a lot of life experience for her age, and she is wise beyond her years. I feel so comfortable talking to her about anything, and know she will always have compassion for me, and never judgement. 

She has such a desire to help people and to make the world a better place, and it inspires me to do better. She is very knowledgeable and has a variety of tools to help me have more balance, fulfillment, and joy in my life. I’m so grateful to have her as a coach, but most of all as a friend."

"Rachael came into my life at the perfect time to give me a jump start to a 21 day challenge I had taken on for creating new habits with my self care of my body.I loved how she always started with a meditation before we dove into our coaching call.  She's a great listener and had a great way of letting me know she understood whatever I was saying in each call. Another thing I appreciated was receiving a typed review after each session so I could capture the agreements I made. Another thing that was great was that I would get a confirmation from Rachael of our next coaching call sent to my email inbox.

Rachael Sternhagen's coaching style is solid and it's a great fit for accountability and partnership."




“I highly recommend Rachael as a life coach. Having a session with her motivates me to actively consider my current state and relaxes me because I know I have someone in my life to talk about it all with. Her attentive listening and intuition combines into a soothing experience. During the sessions I get support and insight to issues I am currently facing. Although Racheal offers fresh insights to my issues, she also draws them out of myself with her coaching abilities. The sessions have ended with me feeling uplifted by our time spent together.”

I feel fortunate to have had many phone sessions with Rachael, and not only is she well educated, but you can tell she cares about you and wants your life to get better.  She not only educates, but motivates and supports you emotionally.  If you commit to doing what she says, I'm confident that your life will get better like mine has.