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"The mind is everything. What you think you become." 


120-Minute Coaching Intensive 

Reprogram the Mind

*This is a MUST if you are struggling to fully heal and want

to stop feeling stuck. Whether that be emotionally, financially, 

spiritually, mentallyit's all connected and this coaching package will help

shift every area of your life. 

Would you like to reprogram your mind, enabling you to rewire your life?

Do you desire to become more conscious but need extra guidance?

Would you love to shift your internal world so you can start attracting more of what you want in life?

Do you need to get clear on what exactly you want so that you can bring it into your reality?

Would you like to ensure you are manifesting your soul desires and not ego desires?

Changing your thoughts changes your life experience. 

What I have to offer you will upgrade your reality on a CELLULAR level. 

This technique utilizes a combination of epigenetics, hypnosis, releasing

negative beliefs, human design, NLP, thoughtwork, trauma healing, energetics, law of attraction, quantum physics and my deep connection to Spirit and 

insane intuition. 


In just 2 hours from 2 different coaching sessions we will dig deep into the ROOT of your current struggles and problems. I will shift your consciousness in viewing your current reality from a Higher perspective. We will get crystal clear on what your soul wants to think, feel, and embody in your life. Together co-creating beliefs and thoughts that you want to be experiencing in your life on a regular basis. Once we are clear on what we really want to bring into your life, I will create an audio recording, your own personal meditation that you can listen to on repeat to reprogram your life. These will become your new thoughts and feelings. The ego will no longer run rampage in the background thinking negative thoughts. This recording will be your guide to help you effortlessly create your new life inside out. 

Those denser thoughts of anxiety, fear, doubt, insecurity, anger, & guilt will be replaced with thoughts of inspiration, courage, trust, freedom, surrender, love, connection, peace, and empowerment. Whatever you are really wanting in life we will bring in and whatever you need to let go of we are fully going to release. 

This is the upgrade that you NEED!



PLAY ME!! 👇🏼👇🏼

No more having to remember your AFFIRMATIONS…If you get stuck and the egoic, negative thoughts won't leave you alone, let me help guide you back to Spirit and what your SOUL wants to be thinking, feeling, and focusing on. 

These are the thoughts that I currently need. Let's work together to find the diamonds that your soul needs to be hearing on a regular basis. 


*Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions via Zoom or in person if you are in LA

*Extra support via text if you something else comes up for you

*A personalized audio recording that you can listen to on a daily basis to truly reprogram your subconscious and rewire your life. I can even create it with one of your favorite songs (:

Don't wait 6 months being stuck exactly where you are at. Let me help guide you back to connection with yourself and who you want to be, in this lifetime!!

"Rachael hands down changed my life!! She is wise beyond her years and has a way of listening to you that no one else in my life has ever come close to. Rachael gets to the root let me tell you. I have done therapy before but never experienced the deep healing she provided. She is a true intuitive. She helped me reprogram my subconscious to align my emotions and beliefs with what I actually want to be feeling about myself! I no longer struggle with keeping myself small and being a victim and as a result of doing this work I have more friends, I feel more empowered in my career, and I know how to actually manifest what I want! Have truly gone to the next level in my life and it feels amazing!"


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