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Heart & Mind Dump

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

We all have those unfinished projects we keep thinking about…that person we’ve been meaning to call back, that annoying task we’ve been avoiding doing, that relationship that needs some mending…these open-ended thought loops living in the back of our head and stuck in our heart are DRAINING our energy!!

Today we are doing to cleanse out everythingggg that is bothering you, anything you think you need to do and that you deem a problem, and get clear on what you should really be focusing on, letting everything else go.

Releasing yourself from everything that is weighing you down leads to FREEDOM…your life will be filled with more JOY and less stress once you actually let go of what you can’t change and actually change what you can! The result will be MORE SPACE in that beautiful mind and heart of yours.

1. Mind Dump: We will start by making a list of all the unfinished loops that you have in the back of your head….alllllll the things you’ve been meaning to do.Ex. need to fix broken fridge, been meaning to reconnect with so-and-so, organize that one drawer that’s driving me nuts, my friend still owes me $15, etc.

2. Heart Dump: Next, we will dig deeper into the heart by making a list of everything that is burdening you, stressing you out, weighing you down. Ex. relationship with my son, fear of being on the wrong path, relationship to food, pressure to be smart, fear of the unknown with where I’m moving, etc.

3. Now I want you to read through your list and cross off anything that is completely out of your control, that you cannot change.Ex. someone else has control over it, an irrational fear you just need to let go of, something that just needs a little more time, etc.

***REALLY FREE YOURSELF FROM THESE THINGS!!! If you sincerely don’t have control over it, then it is not necessary for it to burden you any longer. Any indecisiveness you are having about something, just surrender it up and let it go, it’s not worth holding onto I promise. (:

4. NOW go back through your list and circle everything that you DO have control over…the things you can change, the things you can get done and let’s make an ACTION PLAN to actually get this shit done, healed, and resolved!!!

***Many of the annoying tasks you’ve been meaning to do don’t actually take that long…so JUST DO THEM!! Other items you might realize you don’t actually NEED to do or care about enough, so in that case simply cross them off and free yourself from it. Ex. been wanting to reorganize my music on my phone but I actually don’t care enough, so I’m just gonna let it go. There will however also be those items that you will have more resistance towards tackling. These are the big issues in your life that probably matter most and are what you should really be focusing. They will require a little more attention, patience, and care to resolve.

Let's bring these issues into our sessions. Together we can dive a little deeper and form a solid plan on how to actually confront and resolve what REALLY matters.

But in the meantime, enjoy having more space in your mind and heart from truly FREEING yourself from all that clutter. (:

Happy dumping!!

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