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7 Keys to Manifesting the Life You Truly Desire

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

1. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS!! Our thoughts one million percent create our reality. Our minds are exceptionally powerful, so bringing awareness to what you are telling yourself via the mind all day everyday is everything.

2. LET GO of anything that doesn't feel in alignment with what your soul really wants. A good way to figure out if something is benefitting you is by checking in with how you feel AFTER you engage in a particular activity or person. If you feel drained and depleted after, let that shit go!!

3. ACTIVATE CONTENTMENT. Most Americans have confused happiness with pleasure and are addicted to the brain chemical dopamine, which feels like a constant craving and a desire for more. Happiness however is activated via the brain chemical serotonin and feels like pure contentment, that you already have everything you need. This chemical can be activated by spending more time being and simply existed and less time stuck in the endless cycle of "do do do."

4. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF to literally everyone. Every single soul on this planet has their own unique dharma and when we look at someone else's life it automatically disconnects us from ourselves.

5. STOP OVER-EFFORTING. Society has taught us that we have to "work hard" in order to gain success and happiness in this life, which couldn't be further from the truth. Things really can come naturally and easily if we truly align with our authentic selves and natural states of being.

6. ABUNDANCE IS REAL. The faster you can get out of a lack mindset and truly realize that their is an infinite amount of health, wealth, love, freedom, and happiness in this universe and that you can have it ALL, the sooner you can be living in your full potential.

7. The power of BELIEF. Your beliefs are simply thoughts that you think over and over again. The more you can fully believe with your heart, mind, and soul that you really can have whatever you are wanting in life, the easier you can attract it into your actual reality.

Work with me if you want to dive deeper and learn more about implementing these ideas into your everyday life. (:

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