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Spiritual Life Coaching  

"I help driven souls ready for a transformation reconnect with their inner peace & realign with your Highest Self. 

It's aligned to work with me if...

  • Desire to be more connected to your soul, shedding everything else that is not aligned with your Highest path

  • Lack clarity on next steps to take in your life in order to fully heal, craving to embody your Highest Self

  • Feeling stuck, like you are not moving ahead in life

  • Lack balance in your life, “busy” is your baseline state

  • Lack fulfillment outside of daily responsibilities  

  • Struggle with loving yourself and prioritizing yourself 

  • Struggle with fear, anxiety, stress…desire to feel more centered, empowered, courageous

  • Stuck in the mind, stuck in the past, analyzing your trauma, over-intellectualizing everything, can’t let go of your story

  • Desire to live in states of peace, love, joy, fulfillment, and connection on a regular basis, no longer identifying with your shadows of shame, guilt, anger, frustration, doubt, loneliness, and anxiety that are holding you back 


Hi, I'm Rachael!

I'm here to help create a new paradigm for humanity, to evolve consciousness and raise the frequency of a species that is seriously suffering. 

~Would you like to deepen your spirituality by learning how to fully trust and surrender in order to realign with life?

~Learn how to let go of what is keeping you from accessing higher states of consciousness like love, peace, joy, contentment, and fulfillment?

~Tap into the secrets of the Universe like the immense power of our minds?

~Access the Creator frequency to truly create the life you really want?

~Learn how to reconnect with your inner peace on a consistent basis?

~Attract more abundance, success, health, connection, freedom, and love as a beautiful result of learning how to let go what is not serving you?

"Rachael hands down changed my life!! She is wise beyond her years and has a way of listening to you that no one else in my life has ever come close to. Rachael gets to the root let me tell you. I have done therapy before but never experienced the deep healing she provided. She is a true intuitive. She helped me reprogram my subconscious to align my emotions and beliefs with what I actually want to be feeling about myself! I no longer struggle with keeping myself small and being a victim and as a result of doing this work I have more friends, I feel more empowered in my career, and I know how to actually manifest what I want! Have truly gone to the next level in my life and it feels amazing!"

Here's My Story...
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I come from a background of pretty significant trauma. Severe emotional and sexual abuse, oscillating between depression and anxiety most of my life. Several near-death suicide attempts, debilitating addictions, years of mind-numbing TV, relentless back pain, chronic insomnia... 

I spent years delving into various healing modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), acupuncture, functional medicine doctors to try and find relief. The big breakthrough in my healing journey started with plant medicine. I was finally able to connect with my soul in a way that no previous modality had provided. Rewriting the deep victim & trauma based stories I was constantly telling myself, helping me to recontextualize my past by reaching higher levels of consciousness. 

This was nothing short of a spiritual awakening that led me down a path of deepening my spirituality and connection with the Universe. Forming a meditation practice to better understand the workings of my ego. Slowly separating myself from the modern society that is full of immense toxic programming and temptations that are keeping us small and disconnected.

Releasing over-consumerism, releasing putting my worth into what I was doing...releasing people, jobs, addictions that are no longer serving me. Slowly but surely filtering through what is working for humanity and what is not.   

Instead I'm now: creating new beliefs that feel good, finding balance, learning what it feels like to truly trust and surrender to life, stepping into empowerment and letting my ego fully blossom in perfect timing. (And I can help you do just the same.)

Through all this beautiful "work" to better humanity through my own ego and raising my level of consciousness, life has truly gotten insane. I've manifested people, homes, opportunities that were previously unimaginable. Witnessing a Higher intelligence in the universe, fully understanding how limited the ego mind is and truly how to relinquish the control.


Life is now full of synchronicities and miracles enabling me to only deepen my faith as I continue to surrender to the Highest good for all. Continuing to come back to rememberance that we truly are all connected.



I'm finally enjoying my journey. Are you?


Background & Modalities:


I'm originally from Plano, Texas but now reside in beautiful Topanga Canyon, CA. I studied liberal studies with a concentration in mathematics and psychology from Westmont College. Previously working in group homes and teen rehab centers for emotionally disturbed youth struggling with mental illness, trauma, addiction, and eating disorders, I have now taken on the role as a Spiritual Leader using plant medicine, reiki, coaching, yoga, and meditation to help heal this world. 

I received my Spiritual Life Coaching Certification through Awakened Academy, founded by a highly renowned meditation teacher, success coach, and best-selling author Michael Mackintosh. My coaching combines Eastern and Western Philosophies. 

  • Teachers: Michael Mackintosh, David Hawkins, Joe Dispenza, Rumi….to name a few

  • Other Influences: Buddhism, Daosim, New-Agey spiritualism…but accepting of all

  • Modalities: law of attraction/manifestation, Human Design, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), visualization/meditation techniques, reprogramming the subconscious mind, transforming limiting beliefs, accountability partnership, my life experiences….but more than anything being guided by Spirit to work through me



       Begin by scheduling a free discovery call:




 Frequency of Love (90-Day Program)


Reconnection Plant Medicine Ceremony

(Offered exclusively to Coaching Clients)

Single Session Coaching Intensive 

Are you ready to make some powerful shifts in your life in order to find the reconnection your soul is craving you to embody?

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