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Would you like to experience a deep, nourishing reset for your mind, body, and soul?

Do you struggle with depression, loneliness, anxiety, toxic stress or overwhelm?


My ceremony will take you on a beautiful journey towards unimaginable levels of peace and inner contentment.


You will leave feeling lighter and clearer, enabling you to see your struggles in a new light, which will then catapult you into your future as you effortlessly attract more of what you want in life, watching what is no longer serving you naturally fall away. 


 "I don't even know where to begin. The day of the ceremony I was very nervous and concerned (If that is the word) as a stranger would be coming into my house and providing me with a plant based medicine that would help me with my anxiety and depression. Rachael showed up in my house and we talked for a bit which put me at ease and we moved to the ceremony. The experience was surreal, she was next to me all throughout the ceremony and helped me with breathing exercises and did a reiki session during the ceremony. When the ceremony ended we talked about my experiences and she gave me her input and thoughts regarding my experience. It has been 2 days and I am still thinking about it but I am happy to say that my anxiety is almost non-existent and i know now how to meditate to ground me when i feel sad or upset. Going back to my initial fears of having a stranger coming to my house and having gone through the ceremony, I think it was the best thing that I could have ever done. I felt safe in my house and I knew exactly where everything was which made my experience even better. I will be starting a coaching program with Rachael and can't wait to move forward with it and with my life. You are awesome Rachael!. Blessings.." 


“Wow, you guided me on one of the most beautiful experiences of my life yesterday. I am so grateful! I guided a meditation class last night and it really brought things full circle by giving what I received yesterday. I felt more embodied and empowered than usual and there was a different quality of creative flow. I am becoming more comfortable stepping into vulnerability and pushing past the barriers to it when they arise. A couple other big takeaways: Slowing down (learned that at the very beginning). That will help me relax and surrender to life more easily. And letting go of ‘shoulds.’ Little changes at the level of thought like that can have big effects by shifting the patterns in our life. I am so grateful. 🙏🏼”     


Reconnection Ceremonies

Plant medicine hands down changed my life. Accessing the subconscious and our inner realm was key to my transformation. We store SO much in our bodies, in our subconscious mind that the rational part of our brain just can't process on our own.  We are constantly accumulating toxic programming from the modern world that needs to be filtered out.


Plant medicine can help you gain profound insight as to why you are struggling and give you deep clarity on what you need to let go of in order to feel more aligned and vibrant in life. You might not even need anything in your physical world to change, just a release from something internal, leaving you feeling more free and connected.



Plant medicine can help to reconnect you with your soul deeply & profoundly, showing what you personally need to see in a way that no external person or condition could mirror in everyday consciousness.

AND the most beautiful part is you don't have to DO anything, just sit back, relax, and let the medicine take you on a journey. 

We must heal internally in order for our external world to reflect back to us what we aspire to see and plant medicine can be that initial guide. Maybe you’re suffering with depression, anxiety, stress, physical aliments, or just feeling stuck. Maybe you just need a HUGE reset since most of us validate our worth by constantly DOING.


Whatever has brought you, my goal is always the same: to empower you to become your own healer, find your own answers, and realign with life. My job as a space holder is to provide you with unconditional presence and support, enabling you to really drop in and let the journey take you wherever you need to go. I help create a profoundly beautiful experience.


Since we are all Creators, setting a specific intention is an extremely powerful way to gain exactly what you need in your journey whether it be relief, clarity, understanding, freedom,  or peace. Let's let go of what is no longer serving you in your life.


I work with psilocybin chocolate mushrooms that my friend grows up in Humboldt County. They are raised and infused with nothing but love. I currently can only come to your home, but have found this to be quite beneficial as people generally feel most comfortable in there own space, allowing you to let go and surrender even more. It will also leave your home with the beautiful healing energy we create. 

My ceremonies are ~$1500 and include a guided meditation and breathwork to begin, optional rapé, reiki healing during your ceremony, food after, along with an epic playlist that I personally curated to take you on a magical journey. Additionally, I have a background in trauma, mental health, somatic therapy, psychology, Human Design, NLP, and spirituality, and can help you further process anything that comes up after your inward journey, adding a deeper depth to the experience.


You know what all anyone really needs? CONNECTION.

Let me help guide you on your path back to reconnection.


Please email me at or text me at

214-592-7984 if you are interested in scheduling a private ceremony or have any further questions.

**Now exclusively for coaching clients**

Love and Light, 

Rachael Sternhagen is a spiritual life coach, meditation  instructor, and plant medicine healer helping souls who feel disconnected from themselves and the world, reconnect and realign with their soul in order to transform their reality from the inside out. She spent most of her life living in debilitating levels of suffering and after her spiritual awakening ignited by an ayahuasca ceremony where she experienced unimaginable levels of love and connection, she is now on a mission to share unconditional love to a world that is starving to be more accepted, understood, and seen.

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