Spiritual Life Coaching

Manage stress. Find balance. Learn to meditate. Channel focus & productivity. Learn mindfulness. Embody your Highest Potential. 


 I'm here to help create a new paradigm for humanity, to evolve consciousness and raise the frequency of a species that is seriously suffering. I have a background in incorporating both Western and Eastern philosophies from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), psychology, & trauma healing to meditation, Buddhism & Daoism. I've found the keys to creating balance in life and connecting with inner peace. I received my Bachelors from Westmont College in Santa Barbara and have been working in the mental health field ever since. I worked in group homes and teen rehab centers for severely emotionally disturbed youth before venturing into the therapy and coaching world. I personally come from a background of significant trauma, suicide attempts, severe sexual and emotional abuse..debilitating addictions….but have been on a deep inner journey, nothing short of a spiritual awakening the past 5 years and found more feelings of joy, connection, contentment, success, love, freedom, and fulfillment than I can even begin to describe. My life is insanely beautiful.

About Me:

If you're a YES to any or all of these questions……I'm for you.  


Let me help you experience growth. Real growth. 

​Let's build your concentration, create balance, heal your past relationships & call in beautiful new ones, learn emotional regulation, build healthy habits, and grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically, physically….it's all connected. 

Let's learn mindfulness and how to be fully present. It really is that simple. Everything you could have ever wanted is in the Now. 


​I create a safe space for you to get raw, real, and vulnerable. I'm only here to help you get more of what you want from life, and pour unconditional love onto all parts of the Self.


Doing this deeply nourishing inner personal development will sincerely help elevate every area of your life. 


​Please come out to magical Topanga Canyon. (Can also meet in various beautiful locations along LA Coast or Zoom sessions). ****All photos exact locations of where I hold sessions.****


You ready for life to get more beautiful?

Spiritual Life Coaching

Stop putting up with the suffering…Change only happens in the Now. 


Would you like to feel more centered, grounded, and content?


Learn how to access deep feelings of inner peace?


Do you need a little empowerment to help you step into your potential?


Maybe a little guidance on letting go of attachment?


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Change only happens in the Now.